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When it comes to framing don’t just think pictures and photographs, how about..
-  That Precious Football Shirt
-  Grandad's old medals. 
-  Your favourite vinyl records 
-  Autographed Photo
-  That prized Gymkhana Rosette 
-  Memories from the past
Who said you can't frame your favourite piece of embroidery or even that once in a lifetime concert ticket when you went to see your favourite band alongside the programme for the event. Memories need displaying and do not deserve to be left in the cupboard or garage.

Find them today and then come and see us to discuss with our framer the best way to display it so all your friends and relatives can enjoy it as well.
Frames and Mouldings
When choosing the right mount board to frame your picture, photo or other memorabilia we have a large range of frames to choose from. Take a look at our 'rainbow' of coloured frames from simple black moulding to vibrant yellow and purple.
Select your mount board to complete the frame and your artwork, whether it is traditional white or a colour to compliment the picture.
Check out the effect of double mounting to add depth or mixed coloured mount board to draw you into the picture and highlight the colours and textures within. The combinations are endless and we always have time for you. 

Your choice is of particular importance to us, but if we can guide you to choose the best frame and colour scheme that's what we are here for. Hopefully the framed product will adorn the wall of your living room, kitchen, bedroom or even dad's den for many years to come.
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